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The housemate of the future

CARU is a smart alarm system for apartments. By using latest technology, she is able to notice, whether something is wrong and gets help. CARU stays in the background and respects the user’s privacy. Yet, she is always around and ensures safety in everyday life.


It should be simple and natural to get help in an emergency. And an emergency system should not be invasive or burdensome. Therefore, CARU is not worn on the body and does not need to be charged. On the contrary, CARU looks stylish and is fully functioning without maintenance.


The most natural way of communicating is speech – especially in an emergency. That’s why CARU is able to hear, if someone calls for «help!». She reacts immediately and connects the user with a trusted person.


In certain situations, it is difficult to actively call for help. CARU is able to register a user’s normal routines based on integrated sensors. Therefore, she is able to notice, if something is wrong, and notifies a trusted person if needed.

This is what CARU does

Registers normal routines

Analyses the sensor data of room parameters – without using a camera.

Detects active alarm

Reacts to keywords, such as «help!», or to the push of an emergency button.

Detects inactivity

Recognizes altered routines and notifies the user.


Connects user to a trusted person or to an emergency call center.

What CARU stands for


Safety is crucial. We always notice it the most, when we feel unsafe. And that’s often, when something happens. That’s why we take out insurance. CARU is one of them.


In order to live independently, others and we need to be confident in our abilities. CARU plays an important role in this, as people who feel safe may be at ease and have the necessary confidence.


It is fun to discover something new. CARU indicates the quality of the air in the room, as well as how it can be improved. This is not only interesting, but also improves general wellbeing.

The faces behind CARU

Susanne Dröscher

Susanne Dröscher

Co-CEO, Business Development

Susanne worked for the sensor manufacturer greenTEG before founding CARU. There, she was responsible for business development in regards to one of the two business segments. She studied material sciences and completed a PhD at the ETH Zurich.

Thomas Helbling

Thomas Helbling

Co-CEO, Technology Development

Thomas was involved in building up the sensor manufacturer greenTEG before founding CARU. He was responsible for product development. He studied electrical engineering and completed a PhD at ETH Zurich.


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